History of K Bizz

The creative idea behind K Bizz Solution is Zahra Rangwala. Founded by Zahra in March, 2008 since its very inception hasn’t looked back. Zahra Rangwala graduated with the degree of Information Technology from the University of Houston Downtown and initiated her career as an intern at Halliburton Energy Services in Houston Texas. After having the additional responsibility of being a mother of two, the day care costs compelled her to think twice about her career path. It was indeed K-Bizz Solutions which paved her path and proved as an appropriate solution to her problems.

To strike a balance and maintain both roles of an entrepreneur and a dedicated mother is what Zahra proved to the women today. Not only has she excelled as a successful entrepreneur with shrewd, dynamic and analytical skills, proved herself as a dedicated mother. Maintaining the work life balance even till today. The first client of K Bizz was “Me Tyme Salon and Spa” for which she designed and developed a website. The diversity of the business today has increased manifolds as not only K Business Solutions offers design and support services in the Houston and USA at large but has marked its presence in UK and Southwest Asian businesses.

It is our belief at K Bizz that the internet and so the World Wide Web is all about connecting the world to reduce distances, communication and transfer information easily. Hence it is our aim at K Bizz to support businesses throughout the world and surely make our world a global village.

For a matchless and precise web presence contact K Bizz Solutions to offer you the top class services in terms of web design and search engine optimization. Our experts believe in a joint teamwork between our clients and themselves to ensure we deliver what you really want and we present it in a way which will delight you with our services. Remember monthly website subscriptions are of little benefit and add little or no value to your business.