Our success is homegrown in Houston and has been intentionally cultivated since 2007 to expand and succeed. What started as a one-woman effort with Zahra Rangwala is now an agency broadly capable of serving enterprise-scale business world-wide.

After more than 150 clients and with our journey pointed steadily skyward, Zahra is now managing a team of solidly-motivated team members with the same dedication and drive she started with. Now, our purpose is to provide a broader base of services with the same attention to detail and the same motivation we had as a tiny make it or break it team.

We’ve garnered happy clients in places as diverse as the U.K. and Southwest Asia as well as country-wide here at home.

About Zahra

Zahra started with a degree in Information Technology from the University of Houston and jumped to work with Halliburton Energy Services. As a mother of two preschoolers and believing a 9 to 5 job was a poor fit for her family, Zahra poured her energies into the creation of K Business Solutions.

The adage goes,

When you want something done well, give it to someone busy.

The grain of the truth is that busy people are forced to be highly efficient! By dedicating her success to her family and by working extra time after and around family hours, Zahra focused a full store of energy to aggressively doing the best possible job at every opportunity.

When asked, Zahra is very clear about her determination:

I started as a one-woman business with two kids. Believe me; that makes you get very, very clear about your goals! I haven’t lost any of my determination. Everything I do is for my family, all the time, and the fact that I love what I do is what makes it seem easy!