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Advantages of WordPress For Web Development

Oct 15, 2021
Advantages of WordPress For Web Development

If you’re interested in the advantages of a WordPress website then you probably don’t have one yet, that’s because the advantages abound and are clear to see from the very beginning of your WordPress journey. You will find WordPress to be extremely user-friendly with plenty of support, it is also search engine friendly and easy to scale for traffic. If you need any more convincing, please read on.

WordPress is Easy to Scale

WordPress websites are designed to be user-friendly with straightforward interfaces and plenty of support. Unlike other operators that are code-heavy, WordPress put the control of the website into the owner’s hands and making it easy to make wholesale changes and scale the business as required. WordPress makes an excellent back-end website for developers because it has a short learning curve and it’s easy to update.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you will have heard of SEO, even if you don’t know the particulars of how it works. IN short, it’s about making your blogs, articles, and websites discoverable by the major search engines, and WordPress is one easy way to make it happen.

Search engines send out spiders and bots to find quality and relevant information to store in their index. These bots look for information relating to the subject after in the title, meta-title, descriptions, and keywords in the body text. WordPress already has an excellent template framework to create quality SEO.

WordPress is Open Source

Open source refers to software where the computer code is freely available to anyone on the net, it’s therefore very easy for programmers to study it, learn about it, and make it more efficient. Opponents argue that open source software is more vulnerable, but it is also more secure and efficient. Since WordPress is open source it means anyone can access the code, test it, fix bugs, and make sure it runs optimally for everyone. Despite detractors, this is a huge advantage.

WordPress Offers a Range of Plugins

WordPress is a very efficient website hosting platform because of the range of plugins offered and their ease of use. Other platforms might charge a premium for services but WordPress has a huge rich library of ready-made plugins waiting to be deployed. Some of these plugins will require a premium but they are an easy way to add additional functionality to your project.

WordPress has Responsive Development

Responsive development describes a platform’s ability to adapt to changes and create products that adapt to many devices. WordPress is one such platform, it allows you to fully customize your website so it functions cross-flatform and can be optimized for mobile. This is very important these days when you consider the UX updates to Google’s SEO systems.

WordPress is Scalable and Reliable

In 2021 Google’s algorithm changed once again to incorporate more user experience (UX) into its SEO. That shouldn’t concern those running WordPress websites too much because WordPress already has fast loading times that can handle increasing volumes of users. This makes businesses hosted on WordPress far more scalable and reliable.

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