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Alexa Voice Technology & SEO

Dec 30, 2021
Alexa Voice Technology & SEO

In an increasingly digital world, ground-breaking innovations such as voice search have impacted how internet users search for information online. An Oberlo survey indicates that approximately 111.8 million Americans use voice search features and will rise to 122.7 million users by 2021. These staggering statistics reveal why business owners are identifying top voice technology trends in 2021.

The use of Alexa Voice Technology in SEO

Alexa voice technology has shown great promise in the business sector, as businesses can reach a large customer base with Alexa skills. A digital survey by Clutch revealed that 85% of people identify voice technology with Amazon Echo, while 71% and 30% identify with Google Home and Apple Home pod, respectively. What’s more, 70% of people use digital assistance in their daily activities, making it a part of their lives. This advancement provides a viable platform for entrepreneurs to amass a large clientele base and expand their businesses.

While Alexa voice technology is already making headway in SEO, it’s expected to take giant strides soon. Approximately 37% of millennials admitted to shopping using voice technology, and it’s estimated that many more will search out businesses and make purchases by voice instead of typing. Additionally, Google predicts that 62% of smart speaker owners will likely make online purchases through voice search.

All statistics point to Alexa voice technology as the future of SEO, which is why business owners should put their enterprises on the map with this vital tool. Fortunately, there are many ways by which entrepreneurs can get their businesses to appear in Alexa searches.

How to use Alexa Voice to improve SEO

Are you looking to employ this vital SEO tool to enhance your brand visibility? Here are some tips worth considering.

Use Alexa skills kit

Amazon has created a helpful guide to using voice search for effective SEO. It comprises their voice design guide, which assists you through the design process stages- learn, design, build and launch. While it’s a helpful tool, you must follow the rules to get the most out of it. For example, you may consider frequently asked questions and how your design would respond. Besides, the guide has a checklist to ensure that your interaction is natural and accurate for maximum consumer experience. You may also contact a credible Alexa Voice Technology Development Company to help build your skills kit.

Conversational and understanding intent is key

Voice searches are more structured than typing, as they mimic human conversations. For this reason, you may want your content to answer questions naturally. It will be prudent to understand the intent behind a query. For instance, questions about two different products might suggest a buyer is interested in both products. Therefore, it will help to include long-tail keywords that are relevant to your frequent searches. You may also use a keyword generator should you need help with generating your keywords.

Embrace Schema Markup

You can opt for Schema markup if you’re not ready to design your voice interaction. It’s an excellent tool for getting your business to show up in voice search results. It enables search engines to understand your website content and put your business in top results when direct questions concerning your products pop up.

While you can do these on your own, you can employ the services of trusted Alexa Voice Technology Developers in Houston, TX, should your business be located in that area.

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