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More and more people are starting to trade and invest in cryptocurrency today, especially after witnessing the volatility and unpredictability of our economies during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an increase in cryptocurrency trades comes an increase in the need for trustworthy and efficient cryptocurrency exchanges.

What does a cryptocurrency exchange do?

A crypto exchange facilitates the trading of crypto by allowing the buying and selling of coins. The exchange itself also determines the prices of the tokens or coins. If you place a buy order, it is matched with a sell order made by another trader, after which the funds are exchanged.

Why you should build a centralized cryptocurrency exchange?

Centralized crypto exchanges are the most common way for digital currency investors to trade the cryptocurrency they hold.

Although the whole concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency revolve around decentralization, it is easier to have the exchanges themselves centralized. The exchange act as a middleman to store and manage your assets, so you don’t have to take complete responsibility for your wallet.

Also, it is only in centralized exchanges that you can trade cryptocurrency and fiat currency for each other. This means that you can use cash to buy any coin. Therefore, centralized exchanges also allow the trading of crypto assets from and to different blockchains.

In decentralized exchanges, no third party holds on to your assets, and all transactions are made via smart contracts. Inter-blockchain trading is not possible in this case.


What goes into building a centralized exchange?

The development of a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch requires a streamlined process. We begin with the identification of the location where you wish to run the exchange business. This can depend on the kind of audience you are targeting.

We also discuss the rules, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to crypto exchanges in your state or country and evaluate the features that can be incorporated while adhering to them.

We can finalize the estimation of development cost as soon as the plan is approved, and once the product is deployed, we can calculate the overall cost after considering custom user requirements.

In the design and development stage, we would use top coding languages like Node JS, Angular, Java and so on for front-end and back-end development. The choice of databases, such as MySQL, would also be made at this point.

Following the completion of fundamental elements, the integration of API comes into effect.
Features like payment gateways, cold wallets, hot wallets, bots used for trading, and any others that users may need would be included.

A beta version of the platform can be released to the investors at this stage. Then, after adequate testing, we can host the fully functional exchange and then continuously monitor it for bugs until –and even after– it is launched.

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