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Apache Cassandra Development Company In Houston, Texas

Apache Cassandra is an open source and free NoSWL database management system, which is designed to deal with large amounts of data across many commodity servers, Apache Cassandra provides high availability and has no single failure point. Apache Cassandra also offers support for clusters that span multiple datacenters, with asynchronous replication allowing low latency operations for all its clients. Apache Cassandra was built to implement multiple of Amazon’s dynamo distributed storage and replication techniques which also combines with google’s storage engine model and Bigtable data.
With great architecture and low latency Cassandra will be able to withstand the entirety of a data center outage and have no data loss, across public or even private clouds and on-premises. Cassandra is seen as best in class for replicating across lots of data centers, providing low latency for the users and also giving them the peace of mind knowing that you have the ability to get through any regional outages, and also any failed nodes can be replaced with absolutely no downtime. To make sure that Cassandra remains reliable and stable it is tested on clusters that can be as large as 1000 nodes. With Cassandra you can remain in control by choosing between synchronous or asynchronous replication for every update. Largely available asynchronous operations are also optimized giving you features like read repair and hinted handoff. Cassandra is used well for apps that can not afford to lose data even if the entire center was to go down, with Cassandra there are no bottlenecks for the network, and every node of the cluster is identical.

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