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Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development Company In Houston, Texas

Multi-level marketing is a business model that lets small entrepreneurs with a minimal workforce skyrocket their profits. Operating in over a hundred countries, the MLM industry’s value is nearly 170 billion dollars. Nowadays, blockchain networks are being used to make MLM easier, with well-maintained security and stability of operations.

Problems with conventional MLM

It is common knowledge that all MLMs begin with just two or three people and then gain popularity through word-of-mouth. Integration of new people into the company as well as other operations needs a lot of manual work, which is time-consuming. In addition, the details of the rewards and the information about the affiliates of the company are not properly known to all stakeholders, making the system unreliable – especially to those at the bottom of the chain.

The board members may be involved in secretive discussions pertaining to fraud against users. In such a system, the users of MLM lose confidence in the company and eventually want to leave.

How Cryptocurrency MLM solves it all

Blockchain technology facilitates a risk-free platform as there is no need for any human intervention. The distributed ledger mechanism makes the data on the blockchain immutable and tamper-proof. There is little to no chance of hacking, editing, deleting, or even blocking user accounts, as smart contracts take care of everything.

Cryptocurrency software allows peer-to-peer transactions, which are executed automatically between users. The funds are direct transactions between the wallets of the users through smart contracts. There will also be a referral module that rolls out affiliates when new members join from the invite links of existing users.

With complete decentralization, the higher management or board members would not have the chance to involve in any malicious actions against the lower level users in the MLM company. Users have full autonomy in handling their money. This gives all stakeholders a sense of trust.


Features of a good Cryptocurrency MLM Software

In an efficient cryptocurrency MLM software, multiple payment methods should be supported – with integrated wallets that can take in a wide range of coins. In addition, there should be adequate security features with SSL protection, end-to-end encryption of the database, auto payouts, and well-accessible technical support.

Adding new joiners to the network should be smooth and safe, with an ability for everyone to track each other’s transactions. The campaigning process must be automated, and customer reach out can be done quickly through e-mail or SMS notifications.

There should also be an efficient administrator dashboard from which the admin can monitor the earned revenue from marketing and control the software operations.

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