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AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework for developing dynamic web apps. It works by allowing developers to use HTML as their template language, but also extend it to express application components more succinctly.

You can think of AngularJS as what HTML would have been if its original designers had made it for web apps. While HTML works well for static documents and pages, AngularJS is the solution of choice for anyone looking to create applications with elements that change over time. Furthermore, it contains specific languages that allow developers to build applications in browsers, instead of trying to “trick” HTML into working through various fudges.


How does it work?

Usually, HTML developers resolve the mismatch between static and dynamic documents by creating a library of functions. This feature lets the HTML code call on the library when it sees fit, allowing it to generate dynamic elements. Most coders use a framework that is in charge of the code to deliver app-specific things. 

AngularJS, however, is not like this. It minimizes the mismatch between what the application needs and the document HTML by creating powerful constructs. These allow you to do things like data binding, create DOM control structure, add new behaviors to DOM elements, and provide support for forms and form validation.

Web Applications With AngularJS

AngularJS is able to make app development easier by giving developers higher levels of abstraction. Yes, there is a slight reduction in flexibility. But the benefit is being able to create web apps faster and more affordably. Many top apps, such as GUI editors and games are great examples of AngularJS’s DOM manipulation in practice.

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