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WordPress Web Design Company In Houston, Texas

You’ve no doubt heard about WordPress and the benefits that come with using the platform. So many of the websites, and not just blogs, that make up the internet today are powered by WordPress. Our team offers a wide range of WordPress development services, and you can find out more about why you should use them below, so keep reading.

Why Choose WordPress?

There are so many reasons to choose WordPress as the backbone of your website. It’s a platform that’s easy to customize, it’s secure and its track record is long since proven, so you can trust it to deliver what you’re expecting from it. On top of all that, it’s easy to manage and is great at offering a variety of media types.

WordPress has a web template system with a template processor with a front controller architecture. Themes are created using a structured PHP, HTML and CSS. It appeared in 2003 and its creators, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little started by creating a fork of b2evolution. Today, over 41% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress and is now considered the top open source software system in the world.

WordPress also operates an integrated link management system, allowing for greater SEO features, strong permalink structures and smoother categorization systems.

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