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Data Breach – And How to Protect Your Small Business

May 30, 2021

As per multiple online sources, approximately 25% of small businesses invest in cybersecurity measures. This is partly due to the costs involved in starting and scaling a small business. Usually, where risks can be taken, they are taken, and this is often in cybersecurity.

But it is a fallacy not to invest in this vital aspect of your business. When you do not invest in security measures, you increase the likelihood of a breach. A breach means you not only lose money but also your valuable reputation with customers – which is paramount in the early days.

In the article below, we look at some of the measures you can take to prevent cybersecurity breaches. The cybercriminals are working at this full time; you should be too.

Train Your Employees

There is no easy answer to preventing cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals are always working on workarounds and Cleveland ploys to access businesses, install mallard or ransomware, and extort money. The best business can do is to take a holistic approach and utilize every known security measure some available resources are available at our disposal for a little to no cost.

One of these measures that have proven particularly effective in employee training. Vigilance is sometimes the first line of defense and sometimes the last. In short, the more your employees know about cybersecurity, and the better you can train them to look out for the sign, the more robust your cybersecurity.

Password Protect

The next step in protecting your small business from cybersecurity threats is to password protect everything. This means your data files and your employee computers; it also means tightening security around the premises, as important data can be stolen this way. Passwords are not foolproof but changing frequently and using slightly difficult combination of characters will assist with this.

Try to create complex passwords and urge your employees to remember them or store them on a private keychain. Other ways you can protect your system is by limiting the number of people using the devices, again changing the passwords regularly, and avoiding storing the passwords offline.

Update Technology

Sometimes it seems like you have only just updated your systems, then a new patch comes along, and everything must be updated again. Due to this, many small businesses opt to use older hardware and software. It saves money in the short term, but in the long term, it massively increases your security risks.

Older technology is easier to hack into for cybercriminals, and if they come across some old tech, it will be low hanging fruit for them. Do not take the risk with older technology. You might get away with it for a while, but the threat is there, and it only gets more likely that a breach will happen.

Updated Your Software

Mostly covered in the last section, updated software is one of the techy ways you can boost the security of your small business and prevent cybersecurity threats. Often the security systems used in modern software are the first line of defense against cybercrime. These are codes they cannot crack.

If you do not know what software you should be using, then check with the major brands and shop around for some that have good reputation and reviews. Alternatively, you could partner with a managed service provider, who will not only install the relevant software, but they will also audit your system and search for weaknesses.

Check Your Code

The computer system of your small business will be linked into a network of computers that shares data and processes. This opens possibilities for cybercrime from within and outside your company. Make sure your network of computers runs on the relevant codes to ensure your website and hosting services are secure.

If you are unsure how to do this, you need to contact an IT professional. You may have one working for you already in-house; otherwise, consider 3rd party providers.


The world of cybersecurity is a wild goose chase; just when you think it is safe to avoid further investment in your technology, you get a breach and lose valuable revenue or data.

Unfortunately, this means that cybersecurity needs to be an ongoing concern. If you do not continually upgrade the software and the security training of staff in your small business, you let your guards down.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways around the issue; you only need to invest in the latest cybersecurity software, train your staff regularly or consider investing in a 3rd party provider. It might sound extreme, but what could be more important than your revenue and your reputation.

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