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Docker is an open source platform and is used for deploying, building and managing applications that are containerized. Docker will enable developers to package up applications into containers, these are components that are executable and combine the source code of an application with all the libraries of the Operating systems and dependencies that are required for the code to run in any environment.

What Is Docker?

Developers are able to create containers without the use of Docker but Docker will make the process so much easier and simpler to do, it will also make it safer for you to build the containers and manage them. Docker is basically a toolkit that will enable the developer to use simple commands to build, run, deploy, stop, and update containers while also having work saving automation.

Docker was not the first container related technology that was out, before it was releases in 2013 the most notably used container related technology was LXC, so much so when Docker first versions were released it leveraged LXC exclusively but went on to build upon it and make it better by coming out with there own customer containerization. They implemented the following to make theirs the best to use:

  • They had improved seamless portability allowing Dockers containers to run across without modification
  • The updates were more granular and weighted which allows for Docker created apps to run and update certain parts
  • Container creation became automated
  • Docker had better container versioning allowing them to tracks versions of a container image
  • They added container reuse
  • Shared container libraries were added

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