Yes. Please contact the company to obtain pricing information. However a basic logo design package includes 2 proofs. Any additional proof’s can be received for an additional fee.

Absolutely! Our aim is to take the time to understand whats important for you in your website design. This process is a lot easier and better if we get the support from our clients as in this segment we are trying to visualize what’s in your mind and shaping it to reality. Consultation increasing for more then 2 hours is subject to an additional fee/hour depending on the project requirement.

We are a company that believes in independence rather then making our customers restricted in their moves. By providing the domain and hosting on one server we can sure make big money but that would mean our customers would not be able to get a hold of their website files whenever they can, which means they have to contact us all the time for even small information needed. Other companies charge big money for that and we prefer to make you incharge of your own belongings.

Checks are also accepted online however, if you are not comfortable then we will gladly provide you with hosting and domain on our credit card account the difference would be that you will not be able to get the username and password like our self purchasing customers and you only get 1 email address with the hosting account. Additional email addresses can be purchased @ $1/email.

One proof of concept meaning 1 home page design is included free of cost in all our website design packages. Any additional ones can easily be requested for a small fee.

On the principle that we work we do not believe in hiring employees and paying them a salary every month which adds the prices of our products to go higher. Instead of that we do partnerships with other companies providing services at a discounted rate. That way we can take care of all the orders that come in and are completed in a timely manner.

Yes, we do provide basic text writing feature for an additional fee. We also provide photography services upto 25 miles from the business location to the clients. A one time trip charge is included in all trips. Please call the office for more details.

Being a business owner you do understand the importance of funds being available to you at all time to conduct daily business deals. However we cannot afford to let a single website project stop us from performing our business activities, therefore we feel that if you are busy and cannot attend to the requirements of a few pages of text then we can provide a very reasonable quote of providing the text writing feature as well the photography feature (where available call for details) available to you at an extra charge. Being a business you understand it is better to charge a little extra instead of going out of business. And a minimal fee of $50 takes care of the basic requirement plus also makes it a priority in the clients to do list.

Absolutely, we have invested hours of research in picking a company that is not only reliable but also very reasonable in pricing. They have a 24/7 phone support available as well being a reseller with them you never have to worry about calling them since you will just let us take care of any of the website problems.

We are very reasonable because we work against idea of over heads by managing fancy offices and an employee providing every service that you offer. We work on the principle of minimizing expenses rather then increases costs. That is the reason we are home based so that the overheads are reduced to being very limited and there is absolutely no sacrifice on Quality of the end product.