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Flutter For App Development

Jun 15, 2021
Flutter For App Development

Flutter was introduced three years ago, it is an open-source programming language that resembles Javascript but uses Google Dart Programming Language. Like Javascript, Dart follows a simple syntax making it easy to learn for beginners and straightforward for everyone else. If you are interested in creating an app but don’t know where to start, Flutter could be the thing you need. 

Its simplicity and ease of use is not the only advantage of using Flutter, there are many. It allows you to create an app and launch it in a short time, it is also extremely user-friendly and offers an international reach. In this article, we look at all the great reasons to build your latest app using Flutter.   

It’s Fast to Market 

Let’s face it, sometimes you need an app fast, and with little or no programming skills things can pose a challenge. Sure you could go on a freelancing website and spend some money but the outcome isn’t guaranteed and it could end up being a bit of a money pit. 

Try your hand at Google’s Flutter instead, it’s easy to learn and it can help you get your app to market in a quick time. Flutter is a cross-platform technology meaning that it uses a single code as a source and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.  

Excellent User Experience 

Okay, we get the picture. This Flutter business is like one of those preprogrammed web development tools that makes you a website, sure, but one that looks like everything else. It’s just too basic to be taken seriously. Flutter is kind of like that, but in truth, it’s a bit more sophisticated. Flutter does deliver an excellent user experience. 

It does this with a flexible and expressive UI that offers a selection of customizable widgets, developers can craft amazing user interfaces with these widgets that don’t all have to look alike. Couple this with the native app technology and you have a recipe for one super-streamlined app.   

Development Cost Savings 

You don’t want your app to become a costly endeavor when you throw more money at it to make the tweaks you want, it’s much better if you learn the rope yourself and save revenue where possible. But Flutter also helps you out in this regard, its technology is designed to save on app development costs. 

It does this by using one codebase instead of two. This means that you’re developing an app cross-platform for the same investment of time and funds. This is a smart move by Flutter as it allows you to unlock savings you wouldn’t have had before and reduce the overall cost of the project. 


Sometimes apps need to reach a wider audience, you might have customers in different parts of the world you want to serve in the same way as your local customers. For this, you need effective localization and Flutter makes it possible. Flutter App development allows you to create apps in over 20 languages and has a full range of currencies, dates, and units, to optimize your new app for any location. 


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