Definition of Domain

The word domain defines the main realm to which the product belongs. Hence the main name of your page acts as the domain for example acts as the domain name for the company. A single web server can access websites for different domain names but in case of a single domain name, it can point to only a single machine. Microsoft and similarly other pages like,, and can be served on different machines.

Definition of Web Hosting

K Bizz offers webhosting services as well. The definition of web hosting is to act as a host for the web needs of the clients in terms of maintaining and upgrading the customer’s websites on the computer and then provide related services. The wide array of services may include maintenance of hardware and software, provision of backup and security, ensure content integrity, facilitate credit card processing, email boxes and even managing the speed of the connection whether to lower or pace up the connection speed of the internet. K Bizz has been offering web hosting services since its very inception and has gathered enough technical brain and expertise in the field.