Houston Web Design – Choosing Custom Websites vs Templates

When comparing prices for web design packages in Houston, you will find that the starting prices can vary greatly. As you compare the packages of website designers, watch for the words “template” and “custom.” The differences between the two can significantly impact the price and the functionality of your website design.

What Is the Difference?

A custom website design begins with a blank slate. You tell your Houston web design company what you want your site to accomplish. You may be asked to provide examples of websites that look or function the way you would like your site to function. Your designer will then choose a layout for your site that fits those parameters. Together, you will select colors, fonts, images, layout for each page, etc. No one else will have a website quite like yours.

When your website is built from a template, your designer will generally show you a few different design templates to choose from. These will be mockups or actual sites that show how the template presents images and the basic layout of the standard pages. You will choose the template the designer is to use for creating your site. Some templates are designed for ecommerce, others are not. Some are more suited to visual images which may fit a photographer and others may be a balance of text and images.

Pros and Cons of Custom vs Template in Houston Web Design

Many successful businesses have websites built from templates. Some have chosen to go the custom route. To help you decide which is best for you, here’s a list of pros and cons for each:

Pros of Custom Website Design

• Flexible page layout
• Open-ended functionality
• One-of-a-kind

Cons to Custom Website Design

• More expensive
• Longer build time
• May require more maintenance

Pros of Template Website Design

• Less expensive
• Quicker build time
• User-friendly backend

Cons of Template Website Design

• Some limits on functional capabilities
• Less flexibility in page layouts

When considering a Houston web design company, keep these pros and cons in mind. Will the benefits of a custom website design be worth the extra time and financial commitment? Or would a template design provide all you need at a more affordable cost?

K Business Solutions offers the perfect mix of website templates and custom design capabilities. As an SEO company in Houston, we will also make sure your new website is optimized for visibility on search engines. Give us call to discuss your website design needs.

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