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HTML5 vs React

May 30, 2021
HTML5 vs React

What is HTML 5?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it’s the programming code that’s used for almost everything you do online, it is the code that describes web pages and everything online needs a webpage. The language is actually broken down into three different codes, there is HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Each has a slightly different function but works together under the umbrella HTML 5. 

So what is the function of each component? Well, HTML provides the structure of the webpage and CSS takes care of the presentation – that is the way your website looks and functions to an extent. Finally, Javascript is the program that makes things happen. 

What are the Benefits?

HTML 5 is the program language or language that’s used to provide all of the apps, websites, and entertainment you encounter on the internet. The coding language doesn’t require any additional software or plug-ins to run, that is one of its many benefits. It is also a comprehensive language and can be used to build very complex apps. 

Another great benefit of HTML 5 is that it’s royalty-free. Anyone who knows how to use it can take advantage of it for free and start creating their own apps. Furthermore, it’s a cross-platform language, so it doesn’t care if you’re working on a laptop, a mobile device, or a tablet.   

What is React?

The React Programming language differs from HTML 5 but it also interacts with it. React is a subset language used primarily in conjunction with Javascript. As mentioned Javascript is a programming language that deals with how things move on webpages – this includes things like pop-ups, animations, graphics, and slideshows. 

React is a Javascript library that helps developers create the moving parts of websites and user interfaces. User Interfaces, or UIs, are a collection of website menus, search bars, buttons, and other useful things users need to navigate and find what they’re looking for. The React library supports the development of these working parts.

What are the Benefits? 

React is now a mainstream developer tool and for good reasons. Firstly, it is very easy to learn, and there are a ton of tutorials online. It isn’t one of the more complicated programming languages either. React is also a kind of accumulator program where components can be reused to build apps up from scratch and diversify existing apps. 

React also integrates very well with other programs and platforms to make it an excellent developer tool. Developer tools like these often need examination and bug fixes but React is well-covered with its Virtual DOM. The Virtual DOM allows you to use it as a Chrome or Firefox extension where you can effectively examine its components. 

How Do They Differ? 

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML script for the worldwide web. It is the primary markup language from the internet and underpins the working of every app and website. HTML5 contains three components, those are HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  

On the other hand, React is a Javascript library that assists developers to create various working parts on websites such as buttons and animations. React is very user-friendly and versatile, it is a popular programming language used today, but it operates under HTML5. 


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