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Java is at the heart of website development today. This high-level programming language was first developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and it has been regularly updated to meet the needs of website users in the years since. Java SE 16.0.1 is the latest version of this highly flexible computing platform and it offers the versatility, security, performance, and portability that many web-based and mobile-based applications require.


Java Today

Java is the foundation for many network applications and is useful for web-based content, scripting, games, apps, and enterprise software. Web applications include data processing projects, electronic trading systems, eCommerce applications, and more. With Java, programs written in one platform can run on a number of systems, including desktop and mobiles. 

It’s little wonder that an estimated 12 million developers choose to use Java when creating web and mobile applications for their clients. With powerful development tools, including NetBeans and Eclipse SDK, Java is the number one programming language today and is more reliable than many others of its type. Over 25 years after its initial inception, Java continues to offer value to website and software developers, and the clients that use their services.

As Java developers in Houston, Texas, we can go into greater detail on the benefits of Java when you choose us for web development. Using the powerful development tools that Java provides, we will deliver a website that is right for your particular business. With the features and toolkits that Java provides, your website will deliver everything your customers expect and need when using your online services.

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