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Kotlin Vs. Swift

Dec 30, 2020
Kotlin Vs. Swift

Kotlin Developers

Kotlin and Swift are two development languages for iOS and Android that have taken the mobile development world by storm! Unlike its predecessors, Objective-C and Java, which are more object-oriented, Swift and Kotlin are combined with object-oriented and additional features to give developers a functional paradigm. However, despite their common function, in many ways, these two are very different. 

What Is Kotlin?

Launched by JetBrains and Google in 2016, Kotlin was officially explicitly launched for Android development. This development language is based on an LLVM structure that features the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin’s syntax is more expressive than Java’s. It also offers faster development, security, clarity, and other new features. A Kotlin Development Company is the better choice if you want to develop apps for Android.

What Is Swift?

Swift is a new development language aimed at fixing the numerous limitations of Objective-C. Its LLVM compiler infrastructure allows developers to use it for all Apple operating systems such as iOS, macOS, and Linux. Swift can be described as an object-oriented, general-purpose, and block-structured language. 

Difference Between Kotlin And Swift

In some ways, Kotlin and Swift share similarities. One similarity is syntax. The syntax of these development languages is straightforward, natural, and understandable. Another similarity is functionality. Kotlin and Swift are languages that prioritize their app functions. Both languages can deal with nullable and non-nullable types and are also open source. Due to their similarities, developers can switch from one language to another with ease. 

However, just as they share a few similarities, Kotlin and Swift languages are different in many ways. Here are a few difference between the two languages:

  • Development: The development language Swift is for iOS development while Kotlin is for Android operating systems. 
  • Structs: Just like Java, Kotlin does not have a specific Struct type. Some of its Structs are passed by value, while others are passed by preference. Swift, on the other hand, allows developers to select their preferred Struct.
  • Tuples: Tuples are a set of structured data with multiple parts aimed at helping developers understand different components when there are no additional classes.
  • Memory management: Swift has a precise and organized memory management approach than Kotlin. Swift uses Automatic References Counting while Kotlin uses the Garbage Collection approach. 
  • Error handling: Kotlin and Swift differ in how keywords are used to handle errors. With Kotlin, the keyword “null” is used while Swift uses “nil.” 
  • Default class: Kotlin does not allow developers to make any alteration or add extensions to its default classes. This is not the same with Swift. 
  • Enums:  These contain a set of name limitations outlined on a list known as an Enums list. Kotlin does not have such a list. On the other hand, Swift has an Enum list that helps in carrying out various features.


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