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Zahra Rangwala

A Women Entrepreneur Who Empowers Women To Succeed

Zahra Rangwala

Zahra Rangwala is the entrepreneurial mastermind behind K Bizz Solutions. It was her instinctive understanding of business and technical skills that allowed her to start her own online business, while maintaining her important role as dedicated mother.

Zahra and her team have found their interaction with the local and international business community to be both fulfilling and inspirational.





Zahra started with a degree in Information Technology from the University of Houston and jumped to work with Halliburton Energy Services. As a mother of two preschoolers and believing a 9 to 5 job was a poor fit for her family, Zahra poured her energies into the creation of K Business Solutions.

The adage goes,

When you want something done well, give it to someone busy.



The grain of the truth is that busy people are forced to be highly efficient! By dedicating her success to her family and by working extra time after and around family hours, Zahra focused a full store of energy to aggressively doing the best possible job at every opportunity.

When asked, Zahra is very clear about her determination:

I started as a one-woman business with two kids. Believe me; that makes you get very, very clear about your goals! I haven’t lost any of my determination. Everything I do is for my family, all the time, and the fact that I love what I do is what makes it seem easy!

Zahra’s Life

April 23rd
Graduate College
Graduated with Associates in Computer
Science & Computer Programing
North Harris Community College, 2000
Started working at
Halliburton Energy Services
Amir Rangwala
Married To
Amir Rangwala
Click Here
Mother Of Three Children
Mother Of
Three Children
Graduate Bachelors
Graduated from UHD with
Bachelors in Computer Science, 2005
Founded K Business Solutions Inc. 2007
K Business Solutions Inc.
Community Hosting110.com
Started the commitment to
give back to the community
Supported my teenage boys
setup their first business venture
Now Al-Aqeeq Inc
And The Journey Continues

From The Founder’s Desk

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Zahra Rangwala

A Message

From The Founder

Success does not happen overnight, It takes courage, resilience and support to deal with the curve balls life throws at us. We have the option to keep going or we have to option to accept defeat. All in all hardwork never goes unrecognized.
Zahra Rangwala