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Mobile Application Development

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Finding a local company that you can sit and discuss anytime is what creates a long time working relationship and trust. When creating a mobile app you have a dream that needs to be brought to reality. Our small yet very dedicated team excels and works very diligently to create your next big idea to life and make it sustainable.

“There’s An App For That”

was the tag line of a popular television commercial a few years ago. While their catch phrase was relevant relating to their brand, what they did not know was, not only was there an app for “that”, but soon enough there really would be an app for pretty much everything. Apps seems to be the future, and if there is one place, we want to see your business, it’s there. In the future. Thriving.
App For Customers

Get An App That Your Customers Will Adore

The addition of an app to your business can work in your favor in many ways. Firstly, it can make your brand more accessible to your consumers, which in turn can produce several other pretty great effects. For example, it can put you on the map. By this, we mean it can make you seem unique as a small business in the Houston area, taking on the same challenges as the big wigs. However, with our help, the transition will be an easy one.

It Makes You Different (In A Good Way)

An application can take your business and catapult it into the future. It can help to establish your brand and expand your client base. It can cultivate loyalty between your customers and your brand. It can even help your company to stand out from the competition, by offering that bonus that most small businesses are not even considering. Imagine being the first of your kind to offer an app where customers can book appointments or purchase products seamlessly. Now talk about setting yourself apart.

An App Is Superior To A Mobile Website

Believe it or not there are several advantages to having a mobile app as opposed to or in addition to a mobile website. Whether users cognitively realize it or not, using an app can be a much better experience all around. Actions can be performed much quicker on an app, meaning guests can work faster. They can also have a more personalized experience as apps store data locally and can keep a user logged in on their mobile device, which can allow users to work offline. This also allows them to receive notifications directly to their home screen, unlike waiting on email notifications and having to use a second app or website when using a webpage.

An App Can Add Value To Your Brand

When people know they can easily access your business and the products you offer, they are a lot more likely to go with you over a competitor who may be more difficult to contact. An app can increase your visibility and allow you to reach an entirely new population. Because of this ease of access, you may not see a need to give your users a reason to open your app. However, the more they open your app the more they interact with your company and your brand. You might consider offering in app rewards to keep guests coming back. This can also provide a reason for initial download and motivation to keep the app on their phones.

An App Can Engage (And Increase) Your Audience

Studies have shown that Americans typically spend more than two hours per day using their mobile devices, with that statistic continually growing. That is two hours every day that they are swiping through different apps and checking notifications. Of that two hours, about 80 – 90% is spent using apps. Let that sink in. With all that screen time, an eye-catching app could easily find its way to users’ home screens and increase the chances of those same users clicking on your app. If you could either click on an app that runs smoothly, or open a separate app for internet browsing, typing in an address, waiting for the site to connect, and so on, which would you do? You are probably thinking there is no debate, and your customers (and potential customers) are thinking the same thing.

Benefit of Cross Platform Development

It’s no secret that the iPhone vs. Android debate continues to carry on over a decade after their releases. Both systems are constantly updating and coming out with new features, while their hardware remains fairly similar. The percentage of users of each operating system seem to fluctuate more than stock market prices. With all that debate, there should be no question to whether to have apps that operate on both IOS and Android devices. By offering both, you offer your easy access and constant availability to nearly the entire population of customers with mobile devices, not only in Houston, but in the entire country.

IOS versus Android Development

While both versions have their differences, the main concept remains the same build an app for public consumption. However, you may be eager to get your product out there and let your customers start using it as soon as possible. So, which do you do first? There are pros and cons to both. IOS apps are generally more user friendly but can also be somewhat restrictive in the realm of customization. On the other hand, Android apps are more flexible in their development, allowing more features and functionalities. However, this may resort in a more complex setup, which may also cause development to take longer. Which way you should start depends on your personal goals as well as your target audience. Which operating system is your audience using most? How much functionality do you want? All of these things should be considered when deciding which app to have available first.

Expand Your Reach Through Your App

Whether or not you are personally tech savvy, or your company has anything to do with technology, an app can only help to increase your exposure and your overall business. Companies that have apps see more attention from the public and are able to engage with their audiences in an entirely unique manner. Being a small, or large, local company, an app can influence your consumers in a way that will garter attention for your company and help you to stand out from the crowd. Apps can do more than what meets the eye and once you take the leap, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
Expand Your Reach

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