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NFT Game Development Company In Houston, Texas

Gone are the days when gaming was just a form of entertainment. Today, gamers can earn thousands of dollars by not only streaming videos of them playing but also through NFT games that let you buy and sell in-game assets on the internet.

Opportunities in the Gaming Industry

In 2021, the value of the gaming market was nearly 200 billion US dollars, and it is forecasted to reach 340 billion dollars by the beginning of 2027.

With play-to-earn games, assets that you earn inside the game can be sold in exchange for fiat currency. Even backgrounds can be sold as NFTs! Axie Infinity is one such game that is gaining a lot of popularity. These assets can be weapons, in-game avatar skins, accessories, et cetera.

Game developers can improve revenue by having several other gameplay options and launching exclusive cryptocurrency tokens for their gaming community. When the metaverse is fully developed into what is being envisioned today, NFT games will become all the more popular, as in-game products would act like accessories for your 3D avatar in virtual concerts and so on.

What makes an NFT game special?

There is utmost transparency in buying and gaining access to virtual assets. Gamers will, however, appreciate it if their transaction details remain private. Security is also ensured as the blockchain concept will be used in the configurations and implementation of the application. The transactions between developers and players will be verifiable, enabling trust.

As non-fungible tokens are easily tradable and have good liquidity, a wide array of customers would be interested in buying them. Newcomers and experienced traders would both have plenty of choices. Unlike traditional games where items in one game are useless outside it, assets in NFT games are immutable in the blockchain. They exist outside the gaming platform to be traded anywhere.


What does an NFT game development service do for you?

An NFT game development service, such as ours, runs an analysis of the market and compares it against the goals of your results to arrive at a plan of action. We then create a timeline and fix milestones for key targets along the development process.

Given your requirements and preferences, we will design the concept of the game, and once you’ve approved it, a team of expert developers will use start-of-the-art techniques to make your game. We then perform software testing until the game is ready to be released, which includes alpha and beta testing. Lastly, we will assist you in rolling out the final product onto the app store.

Let’s get started on your very own NFT game today!

We are an excellent NFT Game Developer in Houston, Texas, and will provide you with the best NFT game solutions according to your business plan.

Whether you need a brand new play-to-earn game developed based on your custom idea or need NFTs incorporated into already existing games (racing games, card games, fantasy sports or even the casino), we can make it happen smoothly. Contact us now!

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