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The acronym NFT has not gone unheard for almost all of us. Although the term is over five years old, it is only recently that it has gained popularity.

The hype around NFTs

Be it pictures of apes or the famous dog meme ‘doge’, NFTs are being sold for millions and billions of dollars today. NFTs or non-fungible tokens represent digital assets and provide a way to truly authenticate the ownership of the asset. This means that artists now have a way to sell their art digitally and also get a royalty whenever it changes hands! Their fans could also buy their NFTs as a way to support them.

While this opens a whole new set of opportunities for sellers, they need good marketplaces to be able to make these sales.

The need for your own NFT Marketplace

While there are several techniques to develop a marketplace, you can decide which one to use. You have at your disposal the choice of several blockchain technologies, one of which you can choose to build your marketplace on. With your own marketplace, you will also be able to seamlessly transfer technical knowledge to your clients, obtain a higher user base and generate more Returns on Investment with little to no maintenance!

And you might probably find this one most attractive – you will have free will in advertising on your platform. You could use marketing strategies that are unique to you, and best serve your benefit. For example, the NFT protocols you use could be centered on performing well under very high workloads, highly secure storage capacity, proof of stake, or even all of these. You can also launch your own token once your NFT marketplace has got a good user base, which will be very easy to market.


How is an NFT marketplace developed?

Well, an NFT marketplace is basically like Amazon for digital assets. So while the storefront should have a user interface that is simple and easy to navigate, it must also have seamless back-end processes.

Four major factors have to be considered while developing an NFT marketplace – Crypto wallets, Auctions and Sales, Smart Contracts, and Operation costs. The crypto wallets have information pointing to the location of the asset on the blockchain rather than storing the asset itself. Therefore, a good NFT marketplace should support different kinds of crypto wallets that provide various levels of security.

When it comes to sales, both sellers and buyers should have information about the listings and bids in real-time during auctions. To facilitate smart contracts, payment systems have to be more sophisticated. The marketplace should also provide ratings and reviews, as they are very important in influencing buyer/seller decisions.

Last but not least, we pick the right blockchain network to build the marketplace on, such as Ethereum, Tezoc, Cardano, etc. We can help you choose the one that best suits your requirement.


We are an NFT Marketplace Developer in Houston, Texas, and will build an NFT marketplace in your domain for your business. Contact us today!

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