Offshore Freelancers versus Local Webdesign Company

The idea of using a freelancer for your webdesign is an attractive proposition when you consider price. However, there are a number of issues that may come up which merit consideration. Freelancers are typically talented in one specific area, limiting the scope of expertise you can expect for the price that you are paying. When you use a search phrase that includes your local zip code, such as “webdesign company 77433,” you will find that KBizz is a trusted local source for all your website needs.

Local Knowledge

A freelancer will take a general approach to designing your website, without any local knowledge to help target your visitors. There is no way for a freelancer to substitute local knowledge when providing webdesign. 77433 is an example of a zip code, which denotes a specific area of Houston. When potential customers visit your site, they want to know that the content reflects their needs for a local business in or around that zip code.

Organizational Structure

As an organization, KBizz understands the needs of local businesses. Many freelancers work alone and are not able to provide the level of organization structure you will find from a local webdesign company. 77433 is only one of the local zip codes that we serve. As a business, KBizz provides a structured approach to building your website and helping you promote your business to a wider community. You may not find the same level of organizational structure with a freelancer.

Clear Communication

Communication with a freelancer, who is not even in the same state, can become difficult. A webdesign company in 77433 will provide traditional lines of communication such as landline calls, in office visits, and responses to emails that occur in your own time zone. There are few international freelancers who are prepared to stay up all night to ensure their clients are not affected by the time difference.

Webdesign Company 77433

Searching for a webdesign company in 77433 will produce results for both local companies and freelancers. The choice is yours, but relying on a local company gives you an edge and more control over the design of your website. KBizz is a local business that understands the demands that you face. Choosing KBizz over a freelancer will ensure that your website is built to your exact specifications with local culture in mind at all times. Call today to find out more about how KBizz can provide webdesign solutions for your local business.

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