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PHP vs Spring – What are the Differences?

Aug 15, 2020
PHP vs Spring – What are the Differences?

These days there are too many programming languages to choose from, but one that has stood the test of time is PHP, which is responsible for the majority of the website and mobile apps we use every day. PHP is a varied and user-friendly programming language that allows developers to create high-quality apps with precision and discretion.

Enter Spring Framework, another programming language that also works with Java. But what is the difference between PHP and Spring, and is one better than the other? In this article, we look at some of the key differences between the two platforms and let you decide which is edging ahead in the productivity stakes.

What is PHP?

PHP means “hypertext preprocessing”, It is a programming language used widely for general purpose scripting and web development. PHP differs from HTML by allowing programmers to input HTML commands as embedded codes. These codes are contained as start and end processing instructions that speed up HTML coding.

PHP differs from Java in that it generates codes on the server and doesn’t send them to the client, this means the client will be able to run the script but won’t have access to the underlying code. A web server can be configured to process all HTML files in this way to avoid full transparency.

What is Spring? 

Spring is a Java platform that supports the creation of Java applications by providing a comprehensive infrastructure that is fully handled by the Spring Framework. This enables users to focus their attention on the creation of the JAVA app. The Spring Framework also lets you build apps from “plain old java objects” (POJOs).

The Spring Framework offers several benefits to apps developed using Java. It allows the Java method to execute within a  database transaction without the need to transact with APIs, it can also make a local Java method an endpoint without dealing with Servlet API.

What’s the Difference? 

PHP is commonly seen as a popular general purpose scripting language highly suited to web development. PHP is fast, flexible, and pragmatic, running almost everything on the web from blogs and websites to small business startups. If you use the web today chances are you will be running a PHP app in some form.

Spring on the other hand is designed to provide a comprehensive programming and configuration model for Java-based applications. The idea of Spring Framework is to support the infrastructure of the application and allow developers to focus on the front-end business logic of the app.


PHP and Spring are both programming languages that use Java infrastructure to develop apps for the internet and mobile devices. PHP is a widely used general programming language that can cloak its HTML code from end-users by creating on the servers. Spring also uses Java, but despite the similarities, there are some key points of departure.

Unlike PHP, Spring is designed to look after the infrastructure of the Java-based App. It provides a comprehensive framework for app development allowing developers to focus on front-end innovation instead of also configuring the “plumbing” of the project.


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