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Python is object-oriented programming that is clear and powerful to use and is comparable to the likes of Perl, Ruby Java, and Scheme. Python uses a syntax that is elegant and makes the programs written easier to read. It also is an easy-to-use language which makes it simpler to get any programmes you make working, which makes it great for any prototype development and any other ad hoc tasks while still being maintainable. 


Ease Of Use

Python comes with a large library that is able to support lots of common programming tasks like connecting to web servers, reading and modifying files, and searching text with regular expressions. It has an interactive mode in which you can use it to test any short snippets of code you have and it is bundled with a development environment called IDLE.

With Python, you can easily extend it by adding new modules and it can be embedded into an application to provide a programmable interface. When using Python you can use it on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Unix but it also has unofficial builds for Android and IOS. It is a free software to download and use and it is an open-sourced licensed product.

Python’s programming language features a variety of data types that are basic and they are numbers, strings, lists, and dictionaries. Python also supports object-oriented programming with multiple inheritances and classes. Python’s code can be grouped into packages as well as modules too and the language python uses also supports catching and raising exceptions.

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