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Tokenization Platform Development Company In Houston, Texas

The finance sector has witnessed a massive transformation with blockchain. Its distributed ledger technology has allowed new benefits and application software that makes business processes smoother, faster, and safer. One of them – or rather the most prominent of them – is the tokenization of assets on the blockchain.

Tokens are everything today. From fine art to real estate, any and every item is being tokenized to be sold as non-fungible tokens. You can even take a single asset and divide it into make tokens, selling each one for a fraction of the original price. This would allow people who cannot afford the whole asset to have partial ownership.


Types of tokenization

Tokens can be either tangible, fungible, or non-fungible assets. Tangible tokens represent items that have a physical value, such as fiat currency, in paper or coin form. Fungible are those that are equivalent to one another, such as one dogecoin is the same as another dogecoin. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique, such as digital art. There is only one of every NFT, and even if you take a screenshot of the original product, it doesn’t make you the owner of it, as without being authenticated on the blockchain.

Why, really, should I tokenize, though?

Tokenization – if it isn’t already clear to you – has several advantages.

Liquidity: With tokens representing the securities of private companies, buying and selling them become super easy, making them attractive for investors. Gone are the days when people needed to spend a lot of time going over factors affecting business and hiring lawyers to execute contracts.

Accessibility: When assets are broken down into tokens of smaller and smaller pieces, small investors can also afford them. This means that more people now have access to your asset.


Transparency: Information about the owner – and even the past owners – of every token and their responsibilities are in clear view for everyone on the network to see. This brings in more trust in the system.

Immutability: The very nature of blockchain technology ensures that the data stored cannot be edited or even deleted. Buyers and sellers, therefore, have the assurance that the information related to assets and the transaction records are safe and accurate.

Efficiency: Smart contracts facilitate cost and time efficient transactions with minimal administration requirements. There will be no middlemen necessary, and most of the processes will be automated.

Get, set, tokenize!

Before you tokenize your assets, there are a few things to be taken into consideration, like your business model and the type of security measures you want to incorporate. You must also choose the right platform based on the infrastructure you have, your target audience, the regulations that are needed to be adhered to, and the type of service you offer.

This may all be a little overwhelming at first, which is why you should take the help of a Tokenization developer to do it for you.

We are a Tokenization Developer in Houston, Texas, and can help you tokenize your assets on your terms. Contact us now!

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