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Understanding Technology Stack

Jun 15, 2022
Understanding Technology Stack

Creating apps for websites and mobile devices is not as straightforward as it sounds, at least if you don’t have the right technology at your fingertips. This is the purpose of a technology stack. The idea is to contain the tech you need from the app build into one package that is easy to access and apply. 

If you haven’t heard of a technology stack before then you’re in for a treat. There is no longer any need to cast around for the right technology at the right time, you identify the purpose and function of your app early in the process and choose a tech stack that supports the build. Read on to understand more about technology stacks.  

What is a Technology Stack?

In short a technology stack is a range of tools used for the development of websites and mobile apps. The technology stack contains an ecosystem of tools including frameworks, program languages, front and back end components, services, and app development software. This is a one-stop-shop for web and mobile app development.  

Technology Stack Components 

A technology stack is made up of components, typically three of them. There is the Client-side Front end and the server-side Back end, in between there is the internet that connects the components. The front end is the end visible to users of the app and the back end is all the unseen systems that make it function.  

Tech Stacks for Web Development 

The tech stack you decide on will depend on what side of web development you want to focus on primarily. For the backend, you want a stack that includes programming languages such as Python, PHP, and Java, Frameworks like Flask and Django, databases, and service providers. On the front end, you want HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Tech Stacks for Mobile Apps

Before you invest in a tech stack for mobile app development you need to think about the type of app you want to make, different tech stacks are available for iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps. A tech stack for an iOS project will typically include Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, AppCode, for Android Apps you will receive Java, Kotlin, and Android Studio. 

The Importance of a Tech Stack

Without a tech stack, your web or mobile app project will take more time and be less efficient, it also indicates you don’t have the correct planning place before starting the project. It’s important to build a tech stack for your development project, but it’s equally important to get that stack built correctly so you have everything you need at your fingertips. It can also determine what engineers and developers you choose to work with. 

Building a Quality Tech Stack

The process of building a successful app starts with the planning stage, you need to ask the right questions at the beginning to identify the tech and personnel you need for the project. Consider your business plan and the aims of the app, answering key outcome questions early, and making a concise outline will guide your project to the completed outcome you hoped for.

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