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With the profits from along with the amazing efforts of Children International. joined the movement to end child poverty. is currently sponsoring 2 children, one in Mexico and one in the Dominican Republic.

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KBizz has some wonderful news!

With the profits from along with the amazing efforts of Operation Blessings, we are again able to build more water wells for communities around the world who are in dire need of fresh, clean water. In many places, drinking a sip of water can be extremely hazardous. Of course, there usually isn't a choice. Millions of people in developing countries have to get their drinking water from streams or ponds polluted with parasites and germs. Animals and villagers alike drink and bathe in the water. The contamination causes countless children to die needlessly from diarrhea and typhoid. Because of the excessive and urgent need for fresh water, we have chosen locations in India, Nigeria, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and Cambodia.

The profits from in September will be put towards building a water well in India. The well will be ready for use in June 2018. With the profits from November, a water well will be built in Nigeria. This well will be ready for use in August 2018.

We are so happy that we're able to help those in need once again. With our ongoing efforts, we can continue to build wells where it’s needed most. We would like to thank everyone who hosts their site with us and trust in our service. We look forward to building more water wells around the globe.

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How We Give Back Through Hosting110

K Bizz Solutions is dedicated to giving back to those in need any way we can. That's why we graciously donate 100% of all proceeds from to charitable organizations around the world who are in need. With the proceeds, we were able to help individuals in India through an organization called Operation Blessings by purchasing a much-needed water well for their community.

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