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When webpages were just starting to be built, from 1991 to 2004, they were mostly static. We could read from them but could not interact with them in any way. That was Web 1.0. With Web 2.0 came the ability to write on web pages, giving rise to forums and social media.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 or web3, commonly referred to as the third generation internet, is a new phase of the World Wide Web with blockchain technology as its spine. The term was coined by Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum, a blockchain on which decentralized apps can be built.

Concepts like decentralization and tokenization are the pillars of finance in Web3. While in Web 2.0, the authority of data online was focused on a few companies like Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter (called the Big Tech), Web 3.0 aims to take power away from them.

How would that happen?

After years of research by software engineers to come up with open and standardized social media, blockchain seems to solve the issue. Moreover, the presumably successful implementation of blockchain technology in finance through cryptocurrency showed the promise of a truly decentralized internet.

In fact, the talk of Web3 and the promises it shows is so appealing that top talent from companies like Facebook are jumping ship to Crypto or Web3 companies. In 2021, thirty billion dollars were invested into startups that were into developing web3 apps or technologies. In addition, the hype around it is so high that millions of dollars are being spent on digital tokens (NFTs) for cartoon themes apes.

Although there is a high chance that security, scalability, and privacy of data will improve for users in Web 3.0, a wide range of concerns are prevalent. For example, wealth could be accumulated with a tiny group of investors, and we would not have enough content moderation if we were to protect the privacy of users. This could increase the risk of harmful content on the internet.


Is it safe, then?

As opposed to earlier technological innovations where the technology came first and the regulations came after, utmost importance is to be given to regulating Web3 in the development stage itself. On the side of privacy, blockchain platforms like Aleo with zero-knowledge proofs are rising to allow the execution of transactions off the chain, which can still be verified. The largest investor of Web3, Andreessen Horowitz (a venture capital firm), has a vision for its regulation and is very eager to collaborate with policymakers.


Web 3.0 is a new frontier of the internet that breaks several barriers in traditional applications. There are practically working concrete examples of decentralized systems functioning today, which is why we are very optimistic that Web 3.0 is catching up fast. Get in touch with us for Web 3.0 because we are a Third-generation Internet Developer in Houston, Texas, to get on the train early!

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