Website & Portals

A website defines your business. It speaks volumes of the decorum and mindset of your organization and its target market. The colors used and its every style of presentation ranging from the fonts to the alignments and graphics used, a website design is a rigorous though processing and demanding task in the ever competitive times of today. Upgraded with the latest of the technology and the most advanced set up, K Bizz has a team of website designers which are top class and offer the most sophisticated website templates which isn’t definitely limited to the ones already available but are specifically designed and executed exclusively for your business, offering a scheme, a design and an aura which is matchless to any service provider.

Not only the desired result of profitability and better client attraction is achieved but it is a process which involves the employees and other stake holders. By providing efficient and operative website a degree of motivation can be achieved even within the organizaiton.

Types of Websites

The diversity of the services in website design at K Bizz is immense. We can take any forum, a one pager static or a complete social networking medium like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc and design it around your services providing you innovation and uniqueness on your page which shall redefine your company and its objectives, while putting things in focus and control. Our pool of experts and their expertise and experience is immense. The packages we offer for our website design services are nominal starting from $ 199 which is a onetime setup fee. Our financing option is 0% and offer many payment plans to our customers.

Whether you need a website anytime, anywhere for a particular or a range of your business, we at K Bizz are the expert website design service providers who inculcate your ideas and developmental requirements for your valuable business.

Team Excellence

Our Simple Process

Communication & Planning

The first step shall be that which initiates the procedure which maybe through personal interaction, phone or WebEx consultation. In the first step we shall define your web and SEO strategy.

Developing further, we shall prepare an REP which is a Request for Proposal, which shall be presented to you by us for your approval and consent.

The third step requires the designing and layout of your website structure and graphics along with interactive applications etc. This shall be the agenda for the second meeting.

The material with its full form, layout and design shall then be presented to you for your approval.

Building your Website

Once we get the green signal from you that the website is approved we shall initiate the HTML and CSS coding to as per the requirements to ensure its availability online.

To determine your identity and path we shall run the SEO and search engine submission to ensure that your online presence is recognized by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. ascertaining easily the path and location of your web presence.

Your designed website and our finished product shall then be turned LIVE to ensure its completion and geared up for your visitors.

Handing you the Keys

Once the setup is done and everything is accounted for in your website, we shall give you the keys and controls to it, to properly administer and manage your website.