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Why a Responsive Site is the Way to Go

Aug 15, 2018

Our society is on the go constantly, and that means your website should be optimized for mobile. Everywhere you go, people are using mobile devices to access the internet. According to the Statista website, approximately 50 percent of web page views worldwide in 2015 were on mobile devices. That number is expected to rise above 60 percent in 2018. So if you are working with a web designer in Houston to build a new or better website, it’s time to switch to a responsive design.

What is Responsive Design?

Optimizing your site for mobile design is something any web designer in Houston can accomplish, and there are three basic ways to do it. The old way was to build a separate web site for each viewing platform; one site for desktop computers, another for tablets, and yet another for smartphone viewing. This was quite costly and cumbersome, as updates and changes had to be made on three sites.

Another option your web designer in Houston may suggest is a mobile friendly website. This type of design will look better on mobile devices, but some aspects of your web pages will not be aligned correctly. There may be a mobile-friendly navigation scheme, but higher resolution devices will show glitches, seriously downgrading the user experience.

The third and best option is to choose responsive design for your website. Responsive design does just as the name implies—it responds to provide a pleasant viewing experience for every type of mobile device, including smartphones and even smart watches. Regardless of your device, the website is seamlessly arranged for optimal use and viewing. Responsive design is definitely the way to go.

Why Choose Responsive Design?

In today’s mobile society, your web designer in Houston can point out a number of benefits to choosing a responsive design for your website. Here are just a few:

  • Cost – Building and maintaining one design for every device is much cheaper than juggling two or even three sites to provide a usable viewing experience for every user.
  • SEO – Of all design types, Google recommends responsive design. This design ranks higher in search engine results because users stay on-site longer due to the enhanced viewer experience.
  • Profit – One site that serves every type of device means increased traffic for your site; and increased traffic means more leads and more sales.

As any web designer in Houston can tell you, increasing the quality of your site’s user experience will generate more users, more leads, and more responses to your site.

A Quality Web Designer in Houston

KBizz Solutions is your experienced, top tier web designer in Houston when you are ready to upgrade to a responsive design. If you can lower costs, enhance user viewing experiences, and generate higher revenue with responsive design, why would you choose anything else?

For more information about how KBizz Solutions can help you with responsive design or other internet marketing solutions, call us at 1-832-533-2620 or contact us online.

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