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Why you Need Augmented Reality for Your Business

Sep 30, 2021
Why you Need Augmented Reality for Your Business

You probably didn’t realize this but AR technology is half a decade old. It was first developed at Harvard University in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland and for years it has been used in the aviation and military industries. But like VR, AR has been slow to catch on, until now. Here is why you should consider AR for your business.

It Takes the Store to the Customer

When you go to a store to buy furniture there’s no way to tell how it will look in your home and buying it could mean a lot of inconvenience or compromise when you get it home. Big brand furniture maker IKEA has solved the problem with AI. Using the technology customers can now see exactly how the products will fit into their rooms before buying.

It isn’t only furniture makers that are in on the action, you will find companies across the board taking advantage of AI technology to streamline the customer experience. Another example is converse who allow customers to see how the shoes will look on them before making their purchase. This is also perfect for online shopping.

It Creates Innovative Platforms

The possibilities of AR for business are relatively unknown at present but savvy businesses and entrepreneurs are testing the technology out in different capacities to access more of its potential. One approach is to use AR as a location-based social media platform that creates a uniquely interactive experience for users based on where they are.

As with Pokemon Go, AR social media platforms get people talking by getting them moving first, the app will offer an incentive to check-in at various locations, interact, and receive rewards. This model is a useful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Interactive Experiences for Children

AR is opening up new possibilities for interactive children’s products as well, it provides the technology needed to take characters and stories to a new level and create more engagement both in the store and online. The Drawybook App, for instance, allows children to bring their creation to life with an AR experience.

Another example of AR in action for children is the Frozen Brand sticker book sold in Tesco stores in partnership with Disney. Using AR technology parents and children can have selfies taken with their favorite Frozen characters which takes the interaction with the sticker book to a new level and prolong its marketability.

AR can Enhance Safety Features

No business wants to be left in the dust as technology accelerates away and into the future, that’s why so many car manufacturers are onboarding AR technology in their latest models to enhance the safety of vehicles and stay competitive in the market. Many new cars already have an AR dashboard that provides excellent hands-free information.

But there are many more possibilities with AR for cars and other machines pertaining to safety. One example is the rear-view trailer AR that projects and superimposes the real-time movement and condition of a trailer on the road. It does this using a special camera in the back coupled with AR technology.

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