Our society is on the go constantly, and that means your website should be optimized for mobile. Everywhere you go, people are using mobile devices to access the internet. According to the Statista website, approximately 50 percent of web page views worldwide in 2015 were on mobile devices. That number is expected to rise above … Continue reading “Why a Responsive Site is the Way to Go”

Is your website helping or hindering your business? The goal of a website is to drive more customers through your doors or online checkout; but, if it is designed poorly, it could be doing the opposite. As a top web designer in Houston, our team at KBizz has seen it all, the good, the bad … Continue reading “6 Top Website Design Mistakes to Avoid”

When it comes to online marketing to promote your brand and business, both social media and blogging are tried and true strategies. Each has their own benefits and uses, helping entice your audience to learn more about your business. However, to get the highest SEO rewards, the two should be combined to offer a synergistic … Continue reading “Social Media + Blog Content, a Winning Combination”

If you want your website to work for your business, you need the services of a professional SEO company in Houston. Local businesses show considerable growth when they employ effective social marketing strategies for desktop and mobile devices. A local SEO company understands your business goals and can help you build a personal relationship with … Continue reading “Professional Social Marketing in Houston”

Website design may not seem at first blush to have much bearing on reputation management, but appearances can be deceiving. Your web design has a closer correlation to how your business is perceived than you might think. What’s more, a well-crafted Houston web design can be a powerful online reputation management tool. If You Build … Continue reading “Online Reputation Management in Houston”

No one knows your business better than you do. And no one knows the community where you do business better than the people who live there. So, when you need someone to tell others about your business, a Houston web design company with local roots offers some major advantages. Local Writers Speak Your Language If … Continue reading “Advantages of Getting Content From Local Writers”

The idea of using a freelancer for your webdesign is an attractive proposition when you consider price. However, there are a number of issues that may come up which merit consideration. Freelancers are typically talented in one specific area, limiting the scope of expertise you can expect for the price that you are paying. When … Continue reading “Offshore Freelancers versus Local Webdesign Company”

Web designers can be found almost everywhere. Why hire local? Why hire a web designer in Houston instead of someone from New York, Chicago or San Francisco? Actually, there are several reasons why Houston businesses benefit from hiring a web design company in the 77433 zip code. Here is our list of the top five. … Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Web Designer in Houston”

When comparing prices for web design packages in Houston, you will find that the starting prices can vary greatly. As you compare the packages of website designers, watch for the words “template” and “custom.” The differences between the two can significantly impact the price and the functionality of your website design. What Is the Difference? … Continue reading “Houston Web Design – Choosing Custom Websites vs Templates”

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