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Laravel Development Company In Houston, Texas

Developed as an open-source, PHP-based web development tool, Laravel combines the best of many existing frameworks into one, easy-to-use yet powerful solution. PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Yii are integrated as part of Laravel’s comprehensive structure making rich web development easier, faster, and powerful.

Laravel’s Composer and Artisan tools work together in allowing you to develop feature-rich applications with their library management and intuitive command-line interface respectively. Composer allows for both Laravel and third-party library management while Artisan includes Symphony commands for coding.


Laravel’s Key Features

The Laravel suite is full of highly customizable and familiar features utilising some of the best known frameworks in project development. As a Laravel development company in Houston, TX, we can develop your next custom project including but not limited to the below key features.

Test Cases

Input and output expectations can be tested with Laravel’s various features designed for running scenarios throughout the coding process. A separate testing environment can be run for various test cases using PHPUnit in order to preserve and maintain code.

Mail Class

A rich content mail class for use in creating dynamic content emails is included with Laravel. This allows you to send emails with rich content and attachments using the SwiftMailer API that facilitates SMTP, MailGun, Postmark, and Amazon SES.

Database Management

Object-relational mapping and an ActiveRecord implementation (Eloquent) can be run using Laravel. Using simple chain methods, queries can be performed on relative databases and SQL injection attacks can be prevented using PDO parameter binding.

User Authentication

An important aspect of many web applications, user authentication is designed for security and access restriction. Laravel includes basic authentication features such as login control and custom user names as well as password reminders, credential resets, and registration.

In a Nutshell

By incorporating well-known PHP frameworks and pre-existing libraries, Laravel makes web development simple and fast for anyone already familiar with PHP. Modern and rich features can be easily integrated into a project using Laravel’s intuitive Artisan CLI.

In addition, secure SQL queries, mailing, and user management is also possible and should form the base of any web development project. These features are highly customizable and all code can be rigorously tested in a separate environment with specific test cases.

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